You may be facing End User Computing (EUC) challenges with workforce mobility, hardware refreshes, endpoint security, management constraints and migrating to Windows 10. At DISRUPT 2020, you will hear from a host of prominent industry speakers who will share their insights on the transformation within EUC, and how IGEL is leading the charge.

Addressing EUC requirements for today’s enterprises is typically complex and costly – attend DISRUPT 2020 and learn how to avoid such EUC pitfalls.

Reports state there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 having to be managed, secured and optimized to deliver the high-performance experience demanded by today’s users.

The event will include exciting announcements from independent industry professionals and more, plus informative keynotes and breakout sessions with tracks for sales and technical professionals and executives.

What can you learn at DISRUPT? You’re going to see how to take your EUC environment to new levels of cost saving, simplicity, and protection at DISRUPT 2020.

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