Bjørn Riiber

With more than 25+ years in the IT business. I’ll bring experience and knowledge on helping businesses to modernize and consolidate their infrastructure to my session. How to transform infrastructure technology into smart digital solutions, so companies can groove their business, reduce the cost and at the same time make the employees happier. 

On a day-to-day basis, you will find me as a Technology Evangelist and Domain Specialist Cloud EMEA. I did join Citrix Systems in December 2010 as a Microsoft Technology Specialist but have living my Citrix life since 1999. I share my knowledge by speaking at small, medium and large conferences and industry events each year, including Microsoft TechDays/TechTalk, DIGIT Leader, Citrix events and Local user groups 

For the past two decades I have been known by the nicknamed LittleBear inside different Community Groups in US and EMEA. So, if you see a relatively low, a bit corpulent, but smiling person who has a beard like Santa but wearing a suit like the sample image on TV, then you know that Littlebear has arrived and it is time to host GeekSpeak 

Twitter @Lillebear 

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