James Lawrence

Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence is known as the Iron Cowboy. A nick name he received by the public after he started to wear a cowboy hat during the marathon portion of his Ironman races so he could easily be identified by his children. Originally from Calgary Canada, he now lives in Utah with his wife Sunny and their five children. With two Guinness world records under his belt James and his family attempted to do something every person deemed impossible. Sports Illustrated ranked James in the top 50 fittest freaks with the likes of Lebron James and Connor McGregor, 2 of James favorite athletes. RedBull declares that ‘when it comes to endurance, he is unstoppable’ and Success magazine named him ‘The Most Enduring Man In The World’. He has literally redefined the definition of impossible and is here today to share his journey with you. Ladies and gentleman, James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy

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