CloudJumper’s software solution is called Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS). CWMS is a VDI & RDS orchestration and management alternative to the industry giants.  CWMS is cloud-agnostic supporting Azure, Google, AWS, regional cloud providers – and hybrid though hypervisors, like VMware and Hyper-V and NetApp HCI.  CWMS deploys WVD with a familiar web UI – no PowerShell expertise needed. CWMS is a complementary solution to UMS. CWMS handles the provisioning and management of WVD, while UMS manages the IGEL endpoints.  An industry innovator and recognized by analysts, CloudJumper has a 20-year history of success in the application and desktop virtualization technology space.

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Are you using Linux for your #IGEL UMS Server? Read these steps on how to run the IGEL UMS Console and Administrator from an IGEL OS #endpoint. @IGELcommunity

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Read the news! #IGEL CEO Jed Ayres has been named to the #CRN Top 100 Executives 2020 list for five years running. @TheChannelCo #disruptEUC

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Join the @IGELcommunity and IGEL's Sebastien Perusat, Team Lead Enterprise Presales EMEA, for a deep-dive webinar on @IGEL_Technology #Cloud Gateway (ICG) security hardening best practices. #EUC